Saturday, May 1, 2010

Farmer's Market was a blast!!!

The Weather ( for May 1st!) was perfect! Everyone was happy and friendly, and in a buying mood. The food was great, and some new kinds for the market.. Mini-donuts! Ukrainian food! Yummy! (had this great stuffed bread thingie, don't know what it's called but fab fab fab!)

I love trying new things!!

And so did some of the customers! Below are pictures of just 2 items that sold today. The earrings start with a vintage crackle glass bead, surrounded by crystals in the color of rainbows. The stripped pendant is one of my own fused glass creations.

And a couple of people even saw my facebook listing ( I offered $5.00 off purchases of $20.00 or more if they saw it on my facebook or the farmer market's facebook)

What a great way to start my official show season, and a great way to start Farmer's Market!

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Tammy Jones said...

That's awesome, Kat! Congrats!! (and congrats too on your new steps! Woot!)