Friday, May 28, 2010

Market Day Iowa is This Saturday! WOOT!

I'm getting really excited about Market Day this year! It's a small show, but it's relocated closer to Farmer's Market, and we have been getting really great buzz of late (Lovely pics in the local newsweekly Juice, Facebook, probably more that I've missed)

The booth size is smaller than I'm used to. Most outside shows conform to the standard 10'x10' tent size. My booth at Market Day will be 5x6. Ouch!! But I love a challenge, and with my new shelf display, I'm quite excited to see how they work indoors. Jerry and I bought new lights for the shelves, and this will be the first indoor event for them. And I'm bringing all the jewelry, so if you are looking for something, just ask, it might be behind the counter!

It sounds like there will be an amazing variety of stuff both made and vintage, you can see some of the vendor's pics here .

So... if you are in the Des Moines Area, Stop by Market Day and say hi, and buy Iowa- made goodies from me (naturally!) and all of my fellow vendors!

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