Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is my favorite thing I've made this week....

I made a bunch of stuff the last couple of weeks.. since it's my last weekend free until mid-July, I just did whatever came to my mind... I wanted to make pins so I made a bunch of pins. I made a really kewl wire wrapped watch which I'll get pics up soon. I made some bracelets because I was low on bracelets. I made earrings to match existing necklaces... I made up a couple of glass loads in the kiln. etc etc etc -- but the thing I made that I"m the most proud of, that really sings to me is this pin. It says Reach for the STARS! and it's all textured and stamped. I use both copper and sterling silver.. and the little hand charm is pewter in gold-toned. I love mixing metals!! Super fun to make, and if it never sells I'll put it on my jacket this winter!

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