Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I can see the end from here....

Wow! I have Des Moines Downtown Farmer's Market this Sat (7-12pm), and my regular show season is done! I have a few shows sprinkled through the fall and winter, but no more back to back shows for 6-8 weeks at a stretch! The very first thing on my wish list is glass fusing! Just as soon as Jerry (my wonderful and patient hubby) get's the car unloaded Sat afternoon, I close the books on Sat show's and get any commissions done, I'm going to cut glass! I'm hoping to get start getting 2-3 glass runs a week starting on Saturday.

Each glass run in the kiln can take 10 hours, so I usually run them at night. So Sat afternoon will be prepping for a run Sunday night. (Some of the processes in cutting the glass and positioning it to fuse involves drying time, so generally I have to run them the next day. Promise sometime soon to run step by step trough a run!) If I'm working on Cabs, which is what I'm normally working on, I can "cook" up to 12 or so in each run. Now it's not aways that many, but that's about the max I can put in the kiln at one time. To save energy I want the loads as full as possible.
Some of my cabs end up larger, and take up more space... and some are odd shapes that take up more space. (as you can see from the 3 cabs I've wrapped in this blog, many of my cabs are odd shapes. I am in a real triangle mode of late ) I've started to fill in the "blank" spaces with little bits of glass that I can use in later projects. Sort of making my own mini-cabs for projects. So far in playing with glass I've gone for the full fused look, but I've got some ideas simmering for tack fusing ( where you just melt the layers of glass enough to stick together, but not melt all the way ) so my little bits are for that.

My long anticipated Girls Weekend is coming up in 2 weeks, so I need to get ready for that.. including my challenge piece. I have sketches, I have all the materials I need now.. it's just a matter of having time ( if my idea works!)

I've got tons of back log projects, new materials, new toys and I can't wait to have more time to create items !!!!

And of course there is the more mundane items of running a household, doing my normal 9-5 job and being a wife and mom.

I'll never be bored.

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The bad Liz said...

Crickies, you are one busy woman!!