Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Pendants in time for Artapaloolza in Cedar Falls IA!

OK that's stretching that alittle.. these are pics of pendants I've made sometime this summer, not what I've made in the last few weeks. The last few weeks have been crazy busy.. among many items, my Daughter is celebrating a birthday - 14! - and most of this week is cleaning the house and then decorating it for her "luau" themed party. Tomorrow is the big day, and then the crazy really starts: getting up at 3:30-4am to be on the road no later than 5am to get to Artapaloolza by 7am to be set up by 9am. Still it's worth all the effort, Artapaloolza is one of the best shows in this region, and it's such a fun show!! I couldn't make it last year, so I'm very excited we get to go again this year. Seriously if you are in the area, stop by, the show is 9 to 4pm. Be sure to stop by my booth, and say hi!

OK alittle about my pendants, this first one is sterling twisted wire on mystery jasper. The second is again sterling wire, formed into a graceful shaped leaf with more jasper. Last is another version of my wire flowers. I love making these!! Hopefully next week I'll be able to make more pendants... and earrings, and necklaces and pins and .. oh anything that feels good at the time!!

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