Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Now that my regular show season is done, I can play, right?

Well yes and no.... I actually have 2 shows in October, and one in November. There is a strong change I'll have another show in November, and I'm considering one in December. So at least, I have 3 shows before Christmas, and possibly 5. So I still need to think about inventory concerns.

And I'm in 2 galleries, and I'm working on a third one, so I need to be aware of inventory for them.

I have an etsy shop which I've basically ignored for several months, and an artfire shop that I've not had anything in for 2-3 months. It would be nice to get those going again.

I want to start updating this blog more than weekly again!

Late October/early November I need to start pushing applications out for next year shows... that involves research, time and money.. and I really want to get new slides made up, and I need at least 2 more strong pieces for that.

Then you have all the normal life stuff getting in the way... work, family (and Kittens!) and house up keep. One big project this year, which I've back burnered for far too long is getting replacement windows.

I love my wonderful, big, filled with oak woodwork 1920's house. I don't love the drafts we get every year, or the scary gas and electric bills I get in the winter. Windows have been on the list for years now, but with the tax rebate for windows ending this year, it seemed a great time to tackle this. We have 37 windows in our house, and the plan is to replace all the first floor ones (20) and the bedroom ones (4) So I've been busy the last few weeks scheduling appointments with window providers and doing research on windows. Today we have picked a company. Hopefully in 4 to 5 weeks we will have highly efficient windows in place and much less money in our pockets. I can't wait to see how less scary the gas bill will be this winter! We are going with Clear Choice. They gave us a heck of a deal, and their windows look really really good, both in quality and in looks. It's been really funny, it seems just about everyone is getting windows replaced right now. At least 2 of my neighbors, and 3 people at work. Out of this group of 6 people, 3 of us went to Clear Choice, so I feel pretty good about my choice. Tomorrow they come out to do the official window measurements and place the actual order. So this is at least 1 project off my list, and one less thing keeping me out of my studio! WOOT!!

Now that I've whined about how busy I am again, I have played with glass this weekend!! I got a load done Sunday night, I have a frit load for tonight, and I'm hoping I'll have enough pieces cut to run another on Friday. I promise pictures soon! I also got my Challenge piece done for Girls Weekend! Yea!!!! That I cannot show you until during or after girl's weekend.. because I can't let Cathie and Sue peek! They have to wait until October 7!

The wrapped pendant on Top is Vintage Japanese glass, and sterling wire. The pic below is Kya the cutie. While I've typed this, Kassanova ( the other kitten) has been sleeping on me. No kittens were harmed in the production of this blog!! ( just annoyed because my body keeps moving and he's trying to sleep! )

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