Saturday, October 2, 2010

When Mistakes go good...

I really love how this ended up, but boy, was it a pain to get it there! About a month ago I was wrapping this Mexican coin. I bought it with a bunch of other foreign coins jumbled in a jar at a antique shop. It's somewhat worn, but after I cleaned it up I thought it would still work great as a pendant. I really wanted to do a formal border wrap, something really simple because I thought I could make it more unisex than most of my jewelry pieces as a wrapped coin by it's nature can be either way. I was trying to make a nice twisted wire running on the sides and something happened that's never happened to me before -- I broke the wire!!

After I got over the shock, I decided to keep working on the piece and see if I could save it anyway. So I snipped the other side in the same place and came up with these curly prongs. I think it looks great, and I never would have though of it if I hadn't broken one of the wires.

I love it when a mistake turns out to be the best thing possible for your piece!!

It ended up being more of a female piece though, I just had to make all those lovely graceful swoops at the top!!

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