Thursday, October 14, 2010

Artfire part II

I've updated my Artfire blog! See what's on my desk in my studio right this minute!

I've also been trying to list items like a crazy woman. My goal is 30 listings by the end of the week.. I'm at 25 right now, Woot!! My goal is by the end of next week is 60 listings. Most of them right now are component or glass cabs, but I'm hoping to get more jewelry up this weekend. To be honest, it's faster and easier to list findings/beads etc than jewelry. Jewelry requires much more photography work, and better descriptions. I will do this work, but it takes time. Once I build my store up to 60-70 listings, I'll am hoping to list 4-6 new items a week. I think I can handle that many a week and do a good job.

I've also got to update my website to show Artfire as my "store". One of the things I really like about Artfire is if someone wants to buy something, they are not forced to open an account. This makes it perfect to have on my website! While I like Etsy, you have to sign up to buy. While I would recommend people to create accounts on either site, it is a barrier to some. People do not like to be forced, and some folks just don't want to remember 1 more password. I am all about removing barriers from my customers !

There are several things I can do to make my Artfire studio store more successful, and I'm planning on doing them all.

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