Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why - Why Not? earrings with style !

I love these earrings! Sterling silver disks are punched out of sterling sheet, then textured, stamped, and domed all by hand. I added patina in the recesses and then polished the raised parts for high contrast. Then red crystals added because that's the color of the attitude these earrings possess!

Sometimes as women, we really have to talk ourselves into doing something fun, maybe alittle bit crazy. These earrings are giving you permission to relax, have fun and do something for yourself that you deserve.. maybe it's to schedule a movie night with the girls.. maybe it's trying that new triple chocolate latte crumb cake that smells so heavenly! Maybe it's taking a few hours off work so you can get your errands done early and be able to spend more time with the family. What ever the treat you are denying yourself for what ever the reason.... ask yourself the question: why? and then answer it: Why not?

These earrings are available in any color you want, please note each earring will be different, no 2 will be the same. I use different combinations of stampings and texturing, so each pair is unique and made for just one person!

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