Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Weather was perfect!!

for Market Day! this small indie arts market continues to grow this year, and this show was so much fun! Since it was on Halloween, vendors were encouraged to dress. Several did, including us! Jerry did a gentleman from 1880's London, and I was a pirate. Yes, I know I've been a pirate often these last few years. But it's fun, you get to say ARRRR! carry a wooden sword AND wear a hat!! What could be finer??

Pictures would be nice but none of ours turned out very well, so I guess I'll leave it to your imagination. Our neighbour did a great costume, she called it "grandma's couch monster. She took 3-4 afghans and added huge googly eyes on a big foam head.. it was really really kewl! She had all kinds of great stuff - hats, scarfs and footies, all hand made, really cute concepts on them. And she made her visa/MasterCard sign out of felt. Very talented vendor!!

Course all the vendors are very talented! (not just me! LOL) Or have kewl vintage stuff. Or both!

Darby cakes had 6 different themed cupcakes. We bought one of each to sample.. so far the lime/coconut was interesting (read: good but not our cup of tea) and the double chocolate very tasty. I really like the pumpkin caramel version. (which looked like mummy faces, bonus!) Everybody loves red velvet and cream cheese!! Haven't tried the others - yet!

I bought some vintage jewelry at a good price to break down for future projects, love when that happens!

bought little dead guy dolls from Kimb's Creatures . Gave the set to my daughter, kept one of the little guys for me!! She had these awesome spider candy dishes. I regret, greatly, not buying the purple one. If you like truly odd ball stuff, but fun, she's the gal!

You know the most important part of all this fun?? We get to do it again for BLACK FRIDAY! OK, probably not as a pirate this time. (damn)

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