Sunday, August 29, 2010

Earrings, Mage Con, Kittens and such...

I love this picture of myself, my daughter and my wonderful kitten Kass! He likes to sleep on me, and nothing short of a sleeping baby is more peaceful than a sleeping kitten! We could all use more peace and love and fun in our lives.. I highly recommend a kitten!
These first earrings already sold, but they are the web built on my own sterling soldered rings I make. You can't go wrong with pearls and sterling!!

I got a little time today to cut glass, and boy did I miss it! I've got 2 runs set up and I'm keeping fingers crossed that I can run one tonight and then again one tomorrow. Now that it's cooler out, hopefully we can run the kiln and Jesscera's air conditioner at the same time. ( got to love older houses and their wiring!) We had a couple of issues with that during the summer, and then with the kittens living in the studio, and I couldn't really play with my glass for safety reasons. I have several ideas bouncing around in my head, and it's great to actually think glass again.

Mage Con is this weekend, really looking forward to it... mostly because of the great folks I get to hang out with !! And it's a huge opportunity to catch up on inventory. I'm also thinking about Halloween and Christmas jewelry, and I've been pulling stuff to make at Mage for these holidays coming up.

These earrings are sterling wire and orange glass. I really like the weird off center orange "tooth" and wanted to make something that accentuated the shape of the bead. I believe these already sold also ( yah, I know, I need to get new pictures taken! )

I'm also working on my Challenge piece for this years Girls Weekend. The challenge is to make a piece that represents one of my friends, and we drew names. I got Cathie, and I've been thinking about this challenge ( got the details in Feb!) off and on for months. I mean, a single piece of jewelry to tell the story of my wonderful and complicated buddy! Wow! I finally got a hopefully good and workable idea a few weeks ago, but had to order some materials for it. Just got the shipment this past week.. so now it's finding a couple of long nights where I can work on it. Girls Weekend is Oct 7-10th this year, so I don't have that much time, considering I have shows almost every weekend til then!

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