Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why I'm not productive this week......

but I don't mind at all! We picked up our newest family members last Sunday. Meet Kya and Kassanova (Kass for short) they are 8 weeks old, lovely, lovable and cute cute CUTE! and they have very sharp claws!! I forgot the really sharp claw thingie, but they are already learning to not claw quite so much. And they are into everything.. at least in my studio! See, we have 2 other adult cats, Jupiter and Jeezibel, who are 10 years old. We are slowly and carefully introducing the "old" cats to the new, and while they are getting to know each other, we are keeping the kittens in my studio as it's the largest area with a door. That Jupiter can't open.
Don't ask. This means that until we can let them have the run of the house, I cannot do any glass work or metalsmithing. I don't mind the sacrifice, and despite my title, I"m getting stuff done.. I've been working on more wire pendants, rings and anklets mostly this week. But as you can see below I"m getting some help!

I'm also taking lots of health breaks in the form of Kitten Therapy, and I couldn't be happier!!


Tammy Jones said...


Glad you're enjoying them and I hope they - and you and your family - are adjusting easily. How's his foot doing?


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