Wednesday, August 18, 2010

more musings and mutterings...

Today I got my studio back, more or less. I'm of 2 minds of that.

For those coming into the middle of this, We got new family members not quite 3 weeks ago: Kya and Kassanova. Two sweet little kittens! Our two older cats were not so happy, so the kittens have been living in my studio. We have brought the cats into the studio to visit the little guys, and we have been bringing the little ones down for longer and longer periods of time. While the big cats seem to want to ignore the kittens intirely, the kittens want to make friends! Mostly they get hissed at, and being wise little kittens they go away at that point. It seems that both parties understand the rules of co-existance, so today we decided it was time, and moved the kitten's kitty litter and food to the first floor, and left the studio door open. So I've been thinking of my littles off and on all day at work. When we got home they were downstairs, all 4 of them. Again, the big cats seem to be willing to tolorate them as long as they stay out of the way. I hope that in a few months they will be more friendly, but it's a big change for them! We are all trying to give them extra love, so they don't feel 2 left out.

So, this means I can, with more caution, start up glass and metals projects again. If I want to leave a project out, I will have to keep my studio door shut.

So while I'm glad I can do what ever projects come to mind again, I'm sad because I'm losing my company! I've grown quite attached to the little fur faces, watching their antics while I play with wire, and it's so sweet when Kass is ready to take a nap, he marches up to me, and on me ( leaving a trail of claw marks.. we are working on that) and curls up on my chest to sleep.

These 2 pieces are "redos" . The main wire bendy parts on both of them were once another bigger pendant, but I never was quite happy with how it sat on the wearer, and the bindings were not as nice and tight as I wished. And the one of the beads on it got broken! Since I wasn't happy with the design, I didn't want to repair it, so it's been sitting in the "what next" pile for some time.

So a couple of weeks ago I pulled it apart and reused the heavy wires with new beads and you see the results. It's good to reuse materials! With sterling you have the choice to recyle the larger peices in new pieces, like I did here. The smaller binding wires on the original pendant are in my scrap pile. At some point I will either swap it for new wire, or I'll melt it and reuse it that way. It's easy to recycle something like silver, not so easy on other things. What would you do with broken pencils, worn dice and a washer nut?

There is a growing market for "found" object art, even in jewelry. (Some folks call it mixed media jewelry)

Even when I see some of this mixed media stuff, I just can't help but think, well, that's kewl and interesting, but it's just not me. Probably the cream of the crop is Susan Lenart Kazmer . Again, some of her pieces are beyond incredible! Check out her website, you will be amazed at her creations! Like good art, they evoke emotion from me, but no desire to follow her style.

To be honest, I like the flow and gleam of sterling best, the almost liquid look you can get when it's all bright and shinny! and Crystals and pearls, all that magpie sort of stuff! I love to reuse sparkies and bits from old jewelry, but it's usually stuff that is all ready, well, PRETTY, all by it's self, without any help from me. Or at least there is a great deal of potential.

I was talking to some fellow jewelry artists about what materials "call" to us as individuals, and what it says about us. I have my theories, but I want to hear from you.

If you are a jewelry designer, what materials do you like to work with the best?

Why do you think?

Does your favorite materials shift by mood?

And if you have bought a piece of jewelry from an artist lately, what about the materials of the piece most called to you?

Did the component parts factor into your buying the piece?

Post Script: I guess I won't be as lonely as I thought. Kass came upstairs and jumped right up on my chest and demanded attention. I didn't get much done for the next hour or more, but somehow I don't feel bad about my lack of productivity!

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