Tuesday, August 10, 2010

more pendants

I actually have a break this weekend from shows, so I"m thinking of working on something larger than earrings or pendants, just not sure which of the many ideas floating around my head will actually happen..

Of course I feel like cutting glass or even doing some soldering, but until the "old" cats like the new kittens, I can't do anything up there that might hurt them! We have gotten the older cats to at least allow the kittens within a feet of them now without hissing, so we are making progress!

Don't feel bad for me, I have 2 wonderful kittens to play with, and I still get to play with wire!
So until I get my studio back, here are 2 more wire pendants. This first one I made using 21 GA wire for the bail, and 16 GA for the wiggly front piece. Since I love dangles, I added a blue crystal to match.

This one I wanted the bail part of the design, it's the back loop you sort of see sideways. It's in sterling and Indian glass.

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