Saturday, August 14, 2010

wheeee! Pain Pills, part 3 of ear infection...

I'm feelin' good now, infact, approx 45 minutes on pain pills, I'm feeling GROOVY! and tired....

I woke up this morning.. well woke up is probably not the right word, as I'd had yet another night of very little sleep. and I just couldn't take it. I've been on the antibiotics for 2 full days and I'm worse than when I started. The whole left side of my face is swollen and painful to the touch. try to sleep like that! Add in my CPAP head gear, which I've not been able to wear properly for 4 nights running now. I'm TIRED, I'm SICK, I'm in PAIN and I"m getting CRANKY!

So I went back to the doctor this morning. Fortunately my normal doctor's office has Saturday Morning hours, and they got me in at 945am. My regular doctor wasn't in, but the Doctor I saw was very kind, very understanding, and talked loud, so I could actually hear him! ( I think he know I had trouble hearing at this point)

He gave me another antibiotic, steroids and pain medication. He warned me the pain medication was very strong, could make me alittle loopy and I probably won't need them for more than a few days. The infection has spread to my lymph nodes, that's why my whole left side of my face is so swollen and painful. It's not just an ear infection now. He told the steroids and antibiotic will take probably 24 hours before I see any progress, but on the pain medication I won't care. Sign me up!!
Most importantly, by Monday morning I should feel much better, and able to work. I can't afford to miss another day at work, so I'm very please that I went back into the doctor today! Mean while, the pain med is really kicking in, and I think I might try to take a nap... I'm not sure I'll get any designing done today ( though it might be interesting on the drugs I'm on!) I'm hoping tomorrow maybe I'll feel enough better that I'll get some studio time in. I've not been in the studio Since Tues! I want to make something! Not sure I'd trust myself with cutters right now!

Pictured is a copper, sterling and pearl set I made a month or so ago. All cold connections. I'd write more but I'm really getting tired.... and it's hard to focus! But no PAIN! Yeah!

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