Monday, August 23, 2010

Show Review....

This pendant is part of my "giggle" series. It's sterling silver wire twisted together in a fun way that just makes me happy to think about. It's sort of what I think a laugh looks like visually. Vintage crystal is the dangle. What would a belly laugh be without a dangle!

It's getting toward the end of show season, so it's really in my mind this week, everything I need to get done to get through this last real run of shows. I have a few shows sprinkled in Oct-Dec, and I'm thinking of doing a few others.. but for the most part I'm done at the end of September. Boy though, How busy I am til then!!

This Weekend is Market Day . I really like Market Day! It's a fun, easy to get to ( just a couple of blocks off Downtown Farmer's Market!) and there is always this amazing group of people to talk to.. both the customers and the other artists! Market Day Started last year and is apart of the growing local independent art scene here in Des Moines. Market Day is mostly arts and crafts, with a dash of vintage goods thrown in. If you are in the Des Moines Area between 10-2pm, be sure to stop by! I promise it's worth a trip, and if you are going to Farmer's Market, it's not out of the way!

The first Weekend of Sept is Mage Con. Now this is not my normal venue - art shows and farmer's Markets - as it's a game convention. I love going to them because I get together with my good friends Sue and Cathie and while we usually make just enough to cover costs, it's well worth it for reconnecting with friends! It's almost like a working vacation, as we gals sit together, gab, eat, and bead the whole weekend away. I often use our time together to fill in inventory holes and gear up for Christmas items. I've already started to pull projects for this weekend, and I can't wait to see my best friends again, it's been since June! ACK!

Next up, Sept 11Th is ARTapalooza on Main in Cedar Falls Iowa. This is such a lovely show, I wish we could make it every year! The organizers are just about the nicest folk period, and it's well supported by the community. I'm really looking forward to well run art show.

Sept 18 & 19Th is Riverssance in Davenport IA. This will be the first year I've been at this one, so I'm very excited! It's a huge, long running show, and I'm sure I'll have a great time and a great show!

Sept 25Th is my last Downtown Des Moines Farmer's Market for the year.

See, busy busy busy! but I plan on having bushels and buckets of fun in the process!

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