Thursday, August 18, 2011

Etching III: second batch

OK, the first batch was all about experimenting with resists.

This 2ND batch has an actual goal: I want to make 2 bracelets. The first bracelet I want to make is based on 2 of the squares that turned out great from the first batch (see the picture above) These were made with sharpie markers and it's free hand drawing. Now I'm not much for drawing, but I love doodling abstract spirals and lines, so I wanted to make more squares and a toggle with the same abstract styling.

The other bracelet I wanted in a thicker GA all in copper, based off the lovely paisley stamp that turned out so well in batch one:
My though on this one is I would stamp a large rectangle of copper, etch it and then cut out the shapes for my bracelet. That way each piece would have a unique but harmonious pattern.

I also dug out copper washers and stamped them just for fun. You can never have enough kewl and interesting components on hand!

These pictures give you a good idea of what they look like before the etching process.

I used the same process as before. After the acid and the vinegar bath, I let them sit in baking soda for a few minutes before I washed them off.

The hand-drawn squares turned out great! I cannot wait to make them into a bracelet!

Unfortunately the stamped pieces didn't turn out near as well. I need to play more with stamping, its possible I just cannot etch them as long, or maybe I need to explore different inks on the pads. Also on the first batch, some of the stamp pieces sat for almost a week before I got around to etching, and these I etched the very next day. It's possible I just need to let the stamp images "cure" longer.....

you can see on the large rectangle the pattern is very very faint. I'm going to try to make the pattern pop more with a patina, but it's very light and I don't think it's going to work for my bracelet.

The washers are very faint also... very light texture.

Some of the washers didn't turn out at all, these 4 are the best of the lot. Earrings maybe?

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