Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's on the Desk 8/31/2011

I'm working on more etching projects, this time a bunch of "pumpkin faces" for a series of Halloween jewelry. They are etched and turned out great! and I'm working on cleaning them up right this minute... more pics to come.

The odd shaped piece of metal is another stab at using scrapbook stamps. I'm trying a different ink this time, and it turned out pretty darn good, so I think I can make etched patterns using stamps. WOOT!

I'm also working on a woolly worm bracelet. No clue what I"m saying? here is an example here. One I'm working on is multi-colored and hopefully I'll have pics some other time.

I'm also packing projects for this weekend's Mage-Con convention. I get to see my best buddies from South Dakota, we set up our booths together and laugh, eat, and make jewelry and occasionally actually sell something.

and Hey, to prove I actually finish MOST of my projects, here is the key bracelet, finally all done.

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