Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Etching part IV: an actual, honest to Gawds finished piece!

Yep, finally got something made all the way through. Let's recap the steps:
1/ cut metal out or use blanks ( a mix here)

2/ draw designs in sharpie on metal

3/ tape backs to protect from etching

4/ etch in acid for 30-50 minutes

5/ neutralize the acid with a dip in vinegar, salt and water mixture, and then baking soda

6/ clean and wash

7/ assemble in a pleasing configuration. In this case I punch holes in the pieces and used copper 18GA jump rings

8/ use liver of sulfur to darken recessed areas of the design

9/ clean again

10/use Renaissance Wax to help protect and shine the metal

11/ take a deep breath, and I'm done!

I really love how the clasp looks!

I'm working on more etching.

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