Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tin Projects part 2

Here are the completed items. (both are sold already....... Jerry took them to work and they sold... wow!)

Let me walk through the steps, briefly:
1/ cut copper/brass sheet
2/ file and sand edges smooth
3/ cut tin pieces
4/ file and sand edges of tin smooth
5/ texture brass/copper backings ( hammers on the copper, stamps and hammer on the brass)
6/ file/sand any edges from step #5
7/ color copper/brass by torch
8/ clean from torch process
9/ added patina paints (from Vintaj) on the brass piece
10/ sealed copper/brass with ren wax
11/ ran tin pieces through the embosser
12/ punched holes
13/ riveted the tin with the back plates,
14/ riveted cogs/watch parts/brass birds to pieces
15/ added chains on both and cogs on the copper piece

These both took a hunk of time to finish... I can only hope I get faster making them, since time is the once resource I never have enough of!!

The gal who bought both of them preferred them as pins, so last night I took off the chains and added a pin backing. Are pin popular again?? I love pins/broaches!! and they are fun to make as well..

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