Sunday, April 1, 2012

using unusual materials

Something I've wanted to try for some time is making jewelry out of old tin containers. So the last couple of times Jerry and I went garage sale hopping, we kept an eye out for likely candidates . ( hm... that's almost a pun)

Here is the results of my "test" can:
Bought Last weekend at a flea market type shop in Ames.

Step 1: cut the can apart. This was easier than I thought it would be, my sheers cut through it quite easily. Since this was the test I used one of the word panels. I liked the little illustrations sprinkled amongst the words.

I used my disc maker and hydraulic press and all of my samples turned out just perfect! I'm really excited about incorporating bits of tins into my jewelry!!

I also used various embossing tools and dies and most of them worked very well also, hard to see in this pic but it gives you the idea. I just used scraps to test this...
Next time, actually jewelry.


Saturday Sequins said...


How fun! I've been wanting to play with tins too, every since I saw someone make a beaded cuff bracelet out of one.

Sounds like you have an awesome tool collection. :)

Kat BM said...

thanks ... though you can never ever have enough tools