Wednesday, April 18, 2012

working, working, working....

No pictures today, just a quick list of projects I'm working on ( and hoping to finish before my first show of the year, RiverBank in Iowa City.

finish at least 3 more computer bugs

finish the wire and pearl pendant I've been working on

lots of chainmaile --- several bracelets and at least 1 more necklace. oh, yeah, earrings too!

restock my anklets, and get a couple of new designs bouncing around my head actually produced.

finish my big brass etched piece... I need to cut, file, and sand the rest of it and then start putting it together.

redo a couple of pieces from last year that just don't work for me anymore

finish the copper necklace I've been working on

finish the wire cuff I've barely started

etc etc etc etc etc

In an effort to not go crazy ( or at least any crazier) I've been breaking down things into mini-steps. Actually I have to break things down in steps more than I used to... because so much of what I make now takes more time. For example, my computer bug series... Monday I painted a bunch of bugs. Then I have to let them dry. Yesterday I sealed them, which has to dry and set.

Tonight I'll cut more circuit boards and file and sand the edges and if I have time I will actually start putting them all together.

Anyway, busy busy busy......

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