Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Industrial chic? steampunk? I need better words!

The beyond kewl swirl thingies are from a 1935 royal typewriter. Any of the jewelry on my blog is available for sale.  These earrings are on etsy right now!

The meaning of life and everything.. the numbers come from a NCR built between 1950 to 1968. 

This is the paper guild from a 1935 royal typewriter.  I very carefully shaped it around a mandrel after I cut, filed and sanded the edges.  It's so simple but I love it!
Can I still use the word chic,and be kewl?    These pieces are not exactly steampunk.. but they are recycle/ upcycle / salvage / green whatever you want to call them.  I'm going to have to figure out what I want to call my stuff... I can't decide.  But whatever I call it, it's darn fun!   I'm working on a series of faces now from old machine parts... I'll blog that soon... I want to get more of them done first.  Here are 3 pieces I've made since the start of the year.

I pick through my baggies of parts ( I'm trying to keep them labeled so I know what came from what.. I've already got a small bag of pieces that I've lost track of where they came from) clean them, seal them when necessary, and then lay them out and think about them.  Sometimes I sketch out an idea.  I've had the bracelet idea in the last picture for 2 months.. since Jerry and Dan took the typewriter apart.  We've since acquired a few more typewriters, so I can make a couple of more.  It amazes me how different each typewriter's guts are, even among the same brands.  If I ever trip over another 1935 royal typewriter I  want it! assuming it was the same style that is.. We have a royal typewriter from the same era ( it's early 1930's but I don't have an exact date for it... the serial # data base doesn't list them just dates when it was made) but it's considerably different in style.

I'm having a blast!! Jerry is having a blast!!! the customer's are having a blast!! I think this is the most exciting chapter of my jewelry making passion yet!


Beetique said...

recycled industrial chic mod. I'm not too great on stuff like tags but found a good place that has them. Don't forget mimimalist. There's a place on facebook called B'Sue Boutiques Creative Group. If you want to come join. Under files in that group is a place that shows different tags. Here's a place that may help too.

Kat BM said...

OK that's too funny.. I"m already on B'sue's group on facebook! thanks for the suggestion, it's a good one