Sunday, January 27, 2013

Random Thoughts.....

Lookie! I'm in a treasury on Etsy!! It's my Sock Monkey Earrings, woot!
You can see the treasury here and my etsy listing for these guys here

Today postal rates changed for the United States Postal office.  Domestic rates increased by just pinch.. heck if you ship your items via online printing, they hardly went up at all.  ( 3oz or less package on the Internet yesterday cost $1.64, today costs $1.69)

Where it hurts is international.  Most international rates doubled or more... even to Canada!! 

This means I have to raise my postage rates on international shipments dramatically.  I didn't get many international orders before and now I expect I'll get zero........ and on my destash site I"m going to restrict the heaviest items to US only.  I hate to do that, but I doubt anyone is going to want to pay the new rates on heavy shipments anyway. 

And it means I have to spend a couple of hours updating my Etsy listings to reflect the higher rates.  ugh.  I so would rather work on my jewelry projects.  Even dishes might out-rank this process.....

My Lady's Weekend Out is coming up.. unless something changes (see below) I'm going down Feb 13th through 17th.  I can't wait!! I can't wait!! I can't wait!!   I get to visit my best buddies Sue & Cathie (and their posse ) for a couple of days of beady goodness-- shopping, pj's in the studio, eating too much ( but it's a vacation, so it's OK) maybe even a drinkie-poo or 2.  We always have a blast, and laugh our heads off and catch up and just have a grand old time.  Oh, and we make stuff. 

Course I might have to!  (here is that "something")  Though it's for the best of reasons... my daughter, the budding Thespian, is going to state level of competition for IHSSA.  (it's speech, with lots of theatre arts added in )

If they win at state, they go to All-State, which is the Sat of my trip.  I want her to win... if she does then we have to reschedule the weekend... but again it's such a good reason!!   So keeping fingers crossed... and if she doesn't go to the next level, I'm so darn proud of her going to state I could SQUEEE! . 

Hey!! Lori Anderson's bead soup blog hop is on!! I signed up.. hopefully you have already, I believe the sign ups are closed now...

This changing postage rates on almost 300 listings ( between my 2 shops) is taking forever!! 

I really feel for the Canadians.  I have no idea why they had to double the rates to Canada, other than they can.  ugh.

I wonder if rates to the us from international parts is going to go up as much? I don't buy much overseas, so I  guess I'll deal with that when it comes up.

My Hubby came up with the loveliest thing the other day.  He was telling his co-workers ( He's working part-time in retail while going back to school) he was married before me, and said that his first wife was merely pretty, while I'm all wonderful.  I'm feelin' kind of misty eyed and newly-wed ... and it's been 18 years.  Not that he didn't know he would get major brownie points for telling me about this.. what else is 18 years of marriage experience good for, but to know what 's gonna fly on the home front?? (He really is a good guy!)

I sent in jewelry to my photographer last week to get new jury photos made up.  I picked out items from my newest trend of upcycle/recycle, salvage, etc.  I'm keeping fingers crossed ... as soon as I get these bad boys in my hot little hands I need to double time signing up for shows.  I'm running behind but I want to get these photos first.

I had other stray thoughts, but my eyes are crossing from fixing all of my listings. 

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