Monday, April 28, 2014

locket series ........

watch part tin, non branded... I added a new material cog and vintage clock part by rivets on the front.
 Well it's that time again, when I have none.  This Thurs - Sat is Dutch Market which is part of the Pella Tulip Festival.

This starts a chain of shows that lasts for 10 weeks at least, so my blogging will probably slow down as it does every year around this time.  Bead soup reveal is next.. this Sat.

I'm sharing pictures of the first of my locket series.  I've  been planning this for almost a year.  I made one last year and enjoyed it so much I wanted to make more, but I needed the small vintage tins to do so.  I've been picking them up at flea markets and antique shops whenever I found interesting ones that didn't cost an arm and a leg. These three boxes didn't want to be super fancy... but a few in my pile are whispering " I need wings ", "I need a row of crystals hiding inside" , or "I want color".

Those boxes are not done talking to me yet, so I can't make them yet.  Of course if they don't hurry up they aren't probably gonna get made this year...... time time time.
here are the first three.  These just wanted to be simple.. but... a couple of the little boxes are calling out for more more more

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