Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I need to be a better person

Feeling pulled in a couple of directions today... first I've been teaching at my day job, and it's amazing how much it sucks out of me.  Everyday I come home from work and I'm just useless for a couple of hours. 

I'm getting excited / nervous about shows .. just found out today I got into a BIG one... The big downtown Omaha Summer Arts in June.  I'm up to 17 shows so far for the summer.  I'm only looking for a couple more, and of course I'm hopeful to sneak in a Jazz in July or 2, and East Village Sunday Bazaar.  I always start freaking out this time of year over how much or how little inventory I have.

The big pensive feeling of the day is My hubby's lovely dear Grandma Violet passed away today.  She's been doing poorly for awhile now, but it's still something of a shock, not quite 2 hours after I heard the news.  Jerry and Little Bit are dealing well, but again, it's pretty fresh and hard to process just yet.

  We hadn't visited in over a year, and I feel really bad about that.. for health reasons I couldn't really go, so I didn't push Jerry too hard to visit either.. and with school schedules, work schedules, and shows, finding time to visit just kept getting pushed to the side. 

I really regret that.  I hope she knew we cared, even if we weren't very good at showing it.

It makes me think of the people in my life I care about, and I don't make enough of an effort to see.  Even if our lives are incredibly busy, we need to make that time. 

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