Monday, March 24, 2014

busy busy busy

1920's Sewing machine parts, aluminum rings, crystals, pewter lobster claw
In a few minutes going to Celebrate my Mother's __ birthday! yeah!!! I have a feeling she would kill me if I put the actual # of years in that, but I'm 45, the youngest of 5, and my oldest sibling is **almost** 60, so you figure it out.

Happy Birthday MA!!

Busy Busy Busy... First show is officially less than a month away, so I'm suddenly TERRIFIED I'm not going to be ready.  This week, in the few spare minutes I have, it's gonna be all about inventory inventory inventory.  This weekend I hope to finish up the display redo's, and then I'm gonna do a quickie check of what I have and see what's in the most need.. and then focus on that the new couple of weeks.

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