Saturday, March 15, 2014

The countdown begins.....

this is such a interesting clock!!  look at the colored gears... droool...
I'm happy to report I've updated my show schedule, which you can see here

I'm up to 9 shows, 7 of them Downtown Farmer's Market, which I'm just absolutely thrilled about -- that's the most slots they have ever given me!! wooo hoo!!

I'm waiting on notification for several shows, and now that I know my farmer Market schedule, over the next couple of weeks I've got more apps to fill out. 

Doing all these applications, and then WAITING, WAITING, WAITING!! to see if I get in or not.. it's really one of the worse parts of doing shows.  

This weekend I'm going to start working on the new displays, and I am hoping I can get them done as well.    I really need to concentrate on making more inventory.  The clock has started.. my very first show is just a month away, April 19th, Mini Shoppers Showcase 10-4pm in Valley Junction.   I get a one week break, and then it's Dutch Market in Pella for the Tulip Festival.  From there, hopefully it's going to be back to back shows til September.  I'm sure I'll have a week here or there free, but it's all up in the air til I hear back from the shows.

So.. keeping Finger's crossed, I need to get going -- the displays await.

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