Saturday, March 8, 2014

more goodies coming soon.....

 One of our recent fines, but not yet ripped up, is a very old cash register, I would say mid 1920's or earlier by the shape.  Jerry's spring break starts next weekend, I have hopes I'll start getting new bits to play with !

There is a tag really dirty and scratched up with a possible serial number on it, so once he can pry it off and I can clean it up, I will hopefully be able to put a date to this.  I imagine this was very grand in it's hay-day, with brass embossing.  you can see some pics of this type of cash register here
aren't they gorgeous!  Course we can't afford the pretty pretty, and wouldn't have the heart to rip them up anyway, so give us the grungy, dirty, greasy, rusty non functional ones.  YUM!
check out the giant , almost 5 inches across gear. 

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