Wednesday, April 9, 2014

table set up ... sneak peek

I've been updating, or maybe "retro"dating my set up.  I'm pretty pleased how it looks so far.   The tables focus on selling my main line, Mechanical Romance.  Mechanical romance is using recycled parts from clocks, watches, adding machines, sewing machines, etc and turning them into art jewelry.  I'm really pleased on how this new set up compliments what I'm making!!

I still have the 2 shelf units, which will feature chain-mail, crystal and pearl jewelry. 

The top picture shows a 1920's singer sewing machine wood curved box that I've wired a dowel rod with hooks on it, to display chain necklaces.  On the other end is the lovely trunk from my last post, and in the middle is the drawer from a 1945 cash register.  It's hard to tell from my crappy pics, but it will host my cuff bracelets and such.

The second table has 2 altimeters (1940's and 1898) used as props for extra height.  you can just see a vintage camera ( 1930's ) peeking around the earrings.  This weekend I picked up another older camera cheap.  I haven't dated it yet, but it's definitely older.  I'll be keeping my eye out for more small items to enhance my display, but I think it's a nice balance between functionality, portability and style.  What do you think??

At the outdoor shows, we also have a vintage metal stand and we are planning on putting one of the 1920 singer sewing machines on it.  I haven't decided if I'm going to try to use it for jewelry, I'll probably just use it as a customer draw. 

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