Wednesday, June 11, 2014

remember that big box of watches I was waiting for?

wrapped up in old cigar boxes, nice touch!
 I got it the very next day after I blogged about it here but things have been so chaotic I didn't get a chance to share ... and it was a AMAZING box! It had over 25 complete, gorgeous pocket watch movements in it, probably as many "bad" ( the movements aren't really pretty but they have cogs and gears to salvage from them), a ton of empty cases (some of which I've put up on etsy here ) lots of misc parts, even a couple clocks parts & faces.

I've pulled a few items for my inspiration pile, and I've given Jerry some of them to dismantle for the parts.  I just love buying big piles of Junk and finding treasure!!

I'll post a sneak peak on my facebook later this week, just in time for MacNider Arts Fest in Mason City this Sat , 9-5pm
This is MOST of it spread out.  I put the "good" ones out in rows of 5....

But nothing was truly bad!

Note  -- I even got a few little tin boxes! total bonus!!

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CraftyHope said...

Wow! Those are stinkin' awesome. Fabulous score.