Monday, June 16, 2014

Sewing Machine cabinets.....

Normally we buy old sewing machines loose... but a couple of weeks ago we scored 3 old treadle machines still in the table.  They were in rough shape, and after researching the machines, one was from 1905, one from 1908  (see pic above) and  the white machine was from 1918-1920. 


That's pretty old.

So we put them on craigslist. 

wow again.  I've never had so many people interested in a posting before... by day 3 I had 7 different people wanting one or all 3 of them.

I'm glad to report they went to the home of a fellow artist and craftsman who makes the cabinets into high-end tables.  

So this is a happy recycling story from end to end!!

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