Monday, October 27, 2014

perspective and patience, a thought ramble

Lady Liberty IV: 1960's adding machine gear, vintage clock key, vintage watch face, the standard is from a 1949 singer sewing machine ( or 1952, don't have my notes handy) . 
Last year when Walking Dead season 4 started up I was soooo bummed.  We had just dropped the satellite and  didn't have TV at all.  Now a year later and Season 5 is on, and it's OK.  Netflix has Season 4, but Jerry really doesn't have time to watch it, and I'm thinking now maybe it's just better to wait until the series ends, whenever that is, and watch it all the way though.  Last year I really really missed it, and now, I figure I'll catch it eventually, no hu-hu.  It's amazing what some distance will do for one's perspective. 

I bring this up because perspective is so very important to life.  There are things going on right now, or have been going on, and If I can just step back and give it some space, I will be in a better place.  I will have patience for things to sort themselves out.

You always hear how "old folks" (whatever that means now-a-day) have that long view, and maybe I'm reaching a age where I can at least attempt that.

My personality tends to obsession, which doesn't encourage patience.  Obsessions have urgency, they are all about the now, not the maybe later... 

They say with age obsessive behaviors tend to lessen, as well has folks who have depression, etc.   Behaviors don't go away, they just mellow out somewhat.

I would like mellow.. the last few weeks have been mellow.  I could get use to mellow.

I think the next time I do etched bracelets, the words perspective and patience will find themselves on one.  Calm, peace, peaceful spirit, stoic, warm, floating.

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