Monday, August 10, 2015

Finding my way ..

putting it together, 1 rivet at a time.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but the silver rim around the compass face is vintage a pocket watch part.
 Lots of changes going on right now in my household and in my extended family, and I've felt lost more than I've felt found lately.  I'm suddenly obsessed with compasses, the idea that some little gadget can help you direction!

So it's showing up in my art.  this necklace doesn't  have a working compass in it, and I'm working on buying some real compasses.   I have little tiny ones for my rings, but I'm all out right now :(  -  and I'm also looking for bigger, more reliable ones.  I love the idea of taking a real compass and making it attractive and kewl without hindering it's function.

Some time ago I did make a necklace using the steel parts from a sewing machine and put a real functional compass in the middle of it... and discovered huge chunks of steel kind of messed up the tiny magnets in the compass. 

If I can get the compass's I'm looking at for a reasonable rate, I will stay away from chunky steel parts I promise!! 

 None of us need help getting lost on the paths of life eh?
I actually finished this at the Clear Lake show a couple of weeks ago.. I had all the parts riveted ( and reinforced with glue in some places) I just had to assemble all the pieces together.  I added a really large clock gear behind the compass, and then used it to connect the necklace chain.  I really love how it turned out!!

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