Wednesday, August 5, 2015

change change change

box chain, also known as queen's link .  I really like how the colors contrast with the silver of the plain aluminum.. it really makes the colors pop!
Most of you know jewelry making is my passion, my love -- but also my second job.

My main job just went away, but I'm still thankfully!! employed, I'm just going to be retrained to other duties.  What duties.. no idea.  when will this happen? not sure... just sometime in the next 3 months. 

So my life is in a state of flux.  Course it usually is, and I'm still thankfully!! employed, at least for now, which I'm very very very grateful for.  Not everyone is keeping their job, and I know I'm lucky.

So I guess you could sum up my mood as .. bemused.

So I'm trying to put the absolute best possible face on the whole situation.

I am a Kat after all, it would be beneath my dignity to do anything but land on my feet.

Still all of these changes make me want to play with chainmaile... everything is connected, and it's colorful which equates cheerful in my book, and I think I'll need every little bit of fortitude during the next 3 months that I can get.

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