Thursday, July 30, 2015

working on earrings this week...

This doesn't look like an earring!
This is the time of year where my earrings are every so picked over.  So I've been working on earrings all week, and not only working on them, but I brought in the jewelry and BALANCED out what earrings are on display.   I should be all set for this weekend's Farmer's Market.  Jerry and I will be at the South end of 4th street, close to the science center again.  I quite like the spot, it's easy to get to for loading in and out, and a busy spot with many lovely neighbors!   Course I'm fond of saying, and it's true to boot.. there is no bad spot at the market!

I realize neither picture is of earrings, I'll show some next post!

and oh! Happy Wedding anniversary to me, 21 years with the man I love...   been a busy week!
Nor is this! but this necklace matches one of my most popular earring designs. 

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