Sunday, July 19, 2015

hot hot hot hot show in Marshalltown!

WOW!  Linn Creek turned out to be an excellent show this year, despite the very hot and humid weather. 

The last couple of years my asthma makes doing shows in such hot and humid conditions a real challenge.  I'm so thankful for all the help my hubby gives me at shows like this.  Linn Creek takes place around the combined Community center, art gallery, and chamber of commerce building.  It is air-conditioned and Jerry did most of this show, and practically threw me into the building the second I even looked wheezy.  So he played front man even more than normal.

He really is a wonderful husband!

(not that I had doubts!! )

Seriously though, I think about weather like this and I realize I won't be able to do shows outside forever.   I don't think my health will let me.  It seems to get harder and harder each year.  I couldn't do shows without Jerry.  Maybe I could have at the start, 13-14 years ago, but not now.  It's hard work to carry, set up and sell, even with the weather is perfect. 

 Even if I had no issues what so ever, sitting around in 90 degree or more weather, with Iowa's famous sticky humidity.. it's no picnic even when your healthy!  Honestly we didn't think we would have a good show because it was so hot.  Usually when people are drenched in sweat they don't want to try on jewelry or even want to look at it much. 

It just proves again it's almost impossible to predict how a show is going to go.  The only kind-of constant we had was temperature, but this show blew that out of the water.  I feel like we had less of a crowd this year, but those who showed up wanted to buy art, and buy art they did!   Maybe if the weather had been milder, we would have sold more, but honestly we did about twice the business we expected at a hot and sticky show like this. 

So thank you to all the wonderful people who came out to see us and the other 50 + artists!! 
Our first sale of the day!

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