Sunday, July 5, 2015

Good news on my Destash Etsy site......

you can buy this on Etsy!
you can buy this on Etsy!
Finally got back to listing things new items on my destash  Etsy.. Well maybe not "new" exactly, as most of what I've put up this weekend are vintage pieces from recent buying trips. 

For example, this nice, fat (over 50 !) lot of keys for only $9.99, and this vintage padlock which have the best patina on it! but it's alittle heavy for jewelry, so it's going up to market.

Etsy has made several changes in the last few months, including updating categories and introducing calculated shipping charges.  I'm not so very happy with some of the category changes, but I think I'm going to like the calculated shipping.  I'm playing around with it so that my US customers get charged more or less what they were getting charged before with my flat rates, but I'm excited that I can more accurately charge international orders. 

to date I've had 3 or 4 price "ranges" for international, which meant that some countries got charged alittle more just because I didn't want to under charge -- and it was so difficult to juggle all the different rates.

But now I can put in the approximate weight of the package and Etsy does the math for me.  This is freakin' great!  I've always tried to refund anytime the postage went over more than a couple of bucks.. now I won't have to.  I've always been concern listing large & heavy items internationally just because of the postage mess, and now it will be a snap.

I occasionally  put up large, 1 pound or more lots of costume jewelry, and I've often limited to the US only in the past because of shipping... I won't have to anymore. 

so yeah! on this change.

Well back to making jewelry, I'm working on more watch movement rings this weekend. 

I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July!!
OK, this isn't my work table right now, but it shows you what my work table looks like when I'm making rings.. the picture I took was below even my low standards, so you get a repeat.. sorry!

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