Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pocket watch keys

I adore old keys, and I adore watch and clock parts, so when I can find clock keys I'm delighted.  So a couple of months ago I bought a large lot of clock parts -- and it included almost 100 keys!  They were a complete surprise because they weren't clearly pictured.  And about 20 of these keys were old wind up pocket watch keys.  Heaven!  

There keys are getting harder and harder to find, mostly because pocket watches stop being key wound, instead they were knob (or stem )wound in starting in the 1870's.  By the 1910's very few watches needed keys anymore.  

Word of the day is "crown". That's what that little knob is called on pocket watches.  On old pocket watches the knob really does resemble a little crown.

So while I can't really date these keys, it's safe to call them really really old.  

So I wanted a design that echoes their age.

Here are the 2 necklaces I made using the keys, they also have vintage (this time prob 1960's) drop pearls and brass stampings.

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