Saturday, August 15, 2015

Lightbulbs are finished

Group shot, all 6 of them

 These turned out soooo much better than I was expecting!!

As I showed in my blog here, I added scrapbook "fake" pictures behind the lightbulbs.

"create" , I added a heart key, scissors, and a painter's palette and other charms
Then I glued brass filigree piece on the back, so I could make it into a pendant.  That didn't look sturdy enough for me, so I also wire-wrapped on top and reinforced that with glue as well.  Actually I like the wire on top... the lightbulbs had the metal piece, but the wire really makes that pop!

I picked out charms that matched the word (at least in my mind!) and added vintage wrapped pearls and crystals.
"adventure" .  passport, Italy, Paris, and more !

These will premiere next weekend at Downtown Des Moines Farmer's Market!

"inspire" , a dream key, heart and charms & crystals

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