Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Capturing the light....

The crystal looks "dirty" in the pic, but it's not, it's just picking up my hand and the chain underneath it.  

I really like how this turned out.  I had this really lovely piece of vintage crystal, unmounted but with the full back point-ie part.  Most of these types of crystals are called flat backs because they have, well a flat back.  Makes them easy to work into jewelry designs since most jewelry designs are flat-ish in nature.  I knew I wanted to use a clock gear as part of the mount, but clock gears are pretty flat by nature.  I finally decided to use a prong brass mount and use the gear as the base... since I didn't want to poke the eventual owner to death, I carefully created a gap to make the piece thicker.  Now just the very tip peeks out.  Also since the mounting is really open, it lets the crystal do it's job and captures the light.  Since this is metal rubbing against crystal, I used E6000 glue and lined the hole of the gear and let that dry before I added the crystal.  So if someone is looking at the back, they might think it's glued in, and it's not.. that's just me creating a "rubber" grommet to protect the crystal. 

I just love when making jewelry feels like building! 

Since I'm in a sparkly mood apparently, I added a crystal drop.  
You can see the layers in this picture.  Also you can see the crystal is absolutely clear 

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