Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Wednesday and perfect lazy day

Love and bullets... yep, that's a casing, with a lovely quartz crystal point, painted dragonfly with a "love" charm.  I could almost like guns at this point.
I've been trying to work overtime on my days off -- I know it won't be around forever.. but some days you just have to be lazy.  So Tomorrow I plan to laze around in the studio - ALL DAY! - and hopefully make some magic while wearing pj's.  I'm making a cheese ravioli casserole tonight, which I can just nuke as needed all day tomorrow and I've got my old standby of cheese and crackers.  I have a stack of Alan Rickman movies to choose from, and lots of lovely bits to play with.  So unless that other shoe drops.. you know, the one that's always hanging over our collective heads at all times... it's gonna be just about a perfect day.

Which makes me wonder what is your idea of the perfect, soul restoring, lazy day? Would you want some alone time, family time, catch up with a good book, watch movies?

Take a walk in the sunshine - visit your best friend?  Do date night with your hubby or sig other?  Hang out making cookies with your kids?

Whatever makes your perfect day, I wish each and everyone of you gets one in the near future.

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