Sunday, January 31, 2016

Alan Rickman

Vintage enamel flower parts make up these stacked component earrings.

Variety of recent earrings, most using some vintage bits.  
A couple of weeks ago we lost a great actor: Alan Rickman.  Now the funny thing about Mr. Rickman is  I adored him as an actor for years before I really "knew" him.  

The Movie that did it for me was Galaxy Quest .  Rickman plays Alexander Dane / Dr. Lazarus, a cross between Mr. Spock and Warf - the whole movie is probably one of the best parodies of star trek, and science fiction tropes, period.  I shan't discuss plots in case you haven't seen this movie, but Rickman is so damn funny in it!  Actually the whole cast seems inspired, and if you haven't seen it before, it's definitely worth chasing down... both Netflix and Amazon have it streaming.

Anyway, the second time I watched it ( when it was first released to video) I got to thinking, hm.. he seems really familiar!  believe it or not, in 2000 we had the internet!!  just not conveniently on our phones.  Still one quick trip to the IMDb and I realized I've seen him in all kinds of things!!

And for the next several years, when I realized Alan Rickman was apart of the cast I could sit back and know some part of the movie would be unforgettable, cause he would make it so.  The man never disappoints.  He's the shinning redemptive grace of Prince of Thieves, the wonderful, steward hero of Sense and Sensibility, and the deliciously ambiguous Snape in the Harry Potter series.

The sad fact is I haven't seen all of his movies, and now I really really want to.  So copied the list from the web, and as I watch, rent and what have you, I'm gonna track them all down this year and enjoy myself some great Brit acting.

Alan Rickman will be greatly missed by all his fans, friends and family.

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