Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Just hanging out today

recent jewelry I've made, all incorporating vintage bits of some sort
I've got a new schedule at work but today is the first time I've really got to enjoy it... I'm working 4x10's with Wednesday as my day off.

Most normal and sane folks would be enjoying every Wednesday - but I've been working several hours of overtime instead.

Now work needs as much help this week as they have needed for months now, but through some quirk they only called up to 4 hours of OT, and I decided this was a good week to take a break.  If I'm going to sacrifice my day off for overtime, I want it to be a big chunk of time-- but still get to sleep in.

So far I've enjoyed myself by hanging out in the studio, mostly lining up new projects to work on in the coming weeks, and giving the bathrooms a good cleaning.  I recently got a new 32 incher TV for the studio, so I've been enjoying watching movies on a huge screen... It's amazing how cheap TVs are right now, and I of course used coupons and gift cards to make it even cheaper cause I'm well, cheap.  At least when it comes to luxury goods for myself. ( I really need to work on this )

The other item I've worked on today is my show schedule for next summer, such as it is.  Because we are doing a limited season, it seems like a good time to try out a couple new venues... more on that if it pans out.

So really, it's been a nice, relaxing day.

I still have half of it to boot!

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