Sunday, January 17, 2016

Beady Garage Sale coming up

I've been trying to clean up the studio and get rid of stuff I don't want anymore.  Seems like the thing to do in January... out with the old, in with the new.  With that in mind I've been sorting stuff and pricing it for the Artistic Bead Annual Garage Sale / Bead Swap.  Artistic Bead is a lovely shop in Des Moines (now with a branch in Northfield MN!!) and every year Cheryl gives people a chance to sell stuff they no longer want of a beady nature to other like minded folks.  So it's truly changing trash into treasures.  Not that anything sold is trash, but if you are "over" it then well, it's not doing you any good is it?   It's in the rubble heap of your mind artistically.

I haven't had time to participate the last couple of years so I'm I'm making time this year.  In Des Moines the sale is January 23rd 10-3pm.  

I love when I can take hard industrial stuff, like a cog and a watch face, and transform it into something that's delicate and elegant to wear.... 

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