Saturday, January 30, 2016

Iowa Caucus Time Folks

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The amazing thing about DVR is you get to skip past the commercials, which is fantastic, especially in Iowa right before the caucus.  Unfortunately I can't completely escape them -- I actually got what I think was a Cruze ad, or just a generalize conservative republican group spot against Trump on a free cell phone game app.

What I found really offensive about the ad is it made me ALMOST LIKE TRUMP!  gahhh!

I feel dirty, and need to brush my teeth.

I don't like Trump, he's a bully.  He lies and gets away with it because he's rich.  What message are we teaching our children that we don't call him on everything that comes out of that mouth?

Anyway, the ad was trying to smear Trump because he's pro-life , once supported Hillary and the democrats in general, and is fairly liberal on many social issues .  Or he was... the man changes his opinions based on what he thinks will get him elected as many times as he changes suits.

Still the tone of the ad was very negative, even if all the negatives in my books would be positives, the intent was not good.

I have to admit to a certain bias to the Dems, but so far the Dems are so darn .. civil... in contrast.  As things heat up between Hillary and Bernie, I can only hope that continues.

I think I'll just stop playing games on my cell phone until after Monday night.

Still If you are in Iowa and are not planning to Caucus --- well, that's darn near anti-Iowan.  Besides it's fun!  
It's Politics at it's most democratic -- you vote with your feet.

At least the way the Dems do it, I understand the Republican caucus are not quite as free form.

For the Dems we actually get to stand (or sit) in groups based on who you support.  People give speeches and try to lure you away from whichever camp you are in... and we vote by a show of hands on platform items for the convention.

See ya Monday

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