Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Anyone want to buy some lampworking stuff?

excellent books on lampworking, including out of print hard to find Passing the Flame
 About 10 years ago, I flirted with lampworking.  Now , I'm a notorious bead flirt... when I get interested in some aspect of jewelry making, I can't just merely wink-  I have to pick up my skirt and do a can can apparently.

I can't just dabble.  Part of my charm really.  (no, really!)

So when I got interested in lampworking, I had to do massive research, buy all the books I could find, watch video's, buy tools and buy glass.  Boy, did I buy glass.

After playing around for 4 odd years, I just decided I really didn't like it.  Doing it in my house was hard-- for awhile I had it set up in the basement, and with my allergies and Asthma ever worsening, I couldn't do it in the basement anymore.

Actually some of the fumes associated with lampworking didn't agree with me either.. mind you I'm very sensitive - not everyone has problems with the gas and fumes.  (yes, that might be why I rarely use hot connections anymore... that and the fact I adore rivets!!)

Even with very good ventilation it can bother me.

While certain aspects of making glass beads thrilled me, the overall process did not.

I realized a couple of years ago I hadn't even tried to make glass beads in YEARS.

I floated the idea in my head to sell all the materials I had gathered.. and I just couldn't bring myself to do it, at least not yet.  AT that time I had started to fuse glass ( which I actually quite enjoy --much much more than I ever had making beads) so I guess I thought to keep my options open.

So I kept it all... and thought about it once in a while.

This summer I finally made up my mind... it was time to give up the idea.  It's just not me.  Nothing wrong with it.. I have several lovely friends who you can't barely pry away from the torch!

I learned some very important things while I "flirted" with glass beads, not the least is a great appreciation for those artists that do make beads.   My hat's off to all of ya... I'll just enjoy buying them, instead of trying it myself.

So I'm looking for a buyer.  I am hoping to sell it all, but I'll consider offers on individual bits if I have to.

Lots and lots of glass rods and stringers.  Seriously, this represents over $1000 in glass.  

lots and lots of frit, including specialty frit that was beyond pricey

tools, more books, and even a crockpot with vermeil

More books/booklets on torching

Hot stix Dichroic glass rods.. again, very pricey and about $360 bucks work in 2007 dollars

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