Saturday, January 9, 2016

planning a big big trip

A bed and breakfast we will be staying at this summer, in New Mexico.  It used to be some Millionaire's private home nestled in the foothills of the mountains.  Isn't it fantastic? 
Since we are a 2 income family again, and since I won't be doing so much art jewelry selling, we decided to take big family vacation again this summer.  Since I'm a crazy person, I've already started to research the trip... get ready to laugh, cause all my friends do... In fact I've already spreadsheet-ed the entire 12 day trip and booked all the hotels.
And this is the room I've booked there! 
Done laughing yet?   Actually it's not as rigid as it sounds.  The "main" goal is the Grand Canyon, and we are driving it, which is a ton of miles and 8 states by the time we are done.

Since the Grand Canyon is such a tourist destination, you have to plan it early... would you be shocked to know that some hotels were already booked up in that area?  If you are, you have never planned a trip to a big tourist destination before.  Thinking of one right now for the summer? start booking then!

In order to place reservations for the Grand Canyon area, I had to plan out the rest of the trip as well.

Most days of travel have 2-4 hours extra in them, so we can really do a "tour" ... I love traveling when we can mender at our own pace, and stop and visit anything that looks interesting.  But I also love knowing where I'm gonna sleep that night.  So it's a mix of surprise and plan,  unexpected and known.

I really can't wait!!

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Grey Wulfe said...

Sounds great! We went to the Grand Canyon last summer. Arrived in the dark and watched the sunrise. FANTASTIC!
Have a TON of fun!