Sunday, February 14, 2016

Getting reading for Girl's Weekend......

so much stuff, so little time!
 Well the Annual Girls Weekend is less than 2 weeks away, and to my joy today is the day I get to sort projects out for the trip.  I always swear I'm just gonna pack enough projects to keep me busy in Cathie's workroom, but I always seem to try to haul half my studio to her's.  She never seems to mind but Jerry always complains about how much stuff he has to drag up and down stairs.

The problem is when you create jewelry, you have to have CCM --- Creative Critical Mass.  You have to have a huge stash pile of stuff, because when that creative urge hits you have to have what you need at hand... or you lose it.

Yes , you can sketch it out, but sometimes you loose that magic movement and you can't make the piece work right a week later when you purchased whatever new item you needed --- or when you finally get home and figure out where that perfect bit of material got stored away.

So I tend to stick to projects that I already know the "recipe" to... and take extra stuff just in case.  It usually works but then again, I always feel extra creative when I get around my best buddies.  They Recharge my batteries on multiple fronts, not just creative.

This is what my back table looks like most of the time.... 

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