Sunday, June 26, 2016

My Trip Part III: New Mexico has volcanos

The volcano from the top rim (that's Jerry walking toward me)
True love!!! walking up the volcano!
 When I planned the trip, while I wanted to leave time each day to explore unknown treasures at the side of the road... I did look on the web for stuff that would be interesting as well.  One of things I found was the Ice Cave in Grants, NM.
Signs of volcano!

Now it's not a BarronMiller Trip if we don't tour at least one cave.  Sure, the Salt Mine on June 4th would probably count, but the Ice cave was on the way and it promised 4000 + year old ice.  What I didn't know til we got there is the ice cavern is also the site of a volcano.

Before this trip Jerry and I had no idea New Mexico had volcanoes.  They actually have several including a national park one we drove by on Sunday  (we got there too late to actually go in the park as it closed at 4:30)  So were were primed to see a volcano.. we wanted to see a volcano, we had already missed a volcano.... and to have one gift wrapped as part of something we were already planing to do???? serendipity my friends!

It was really cool and fabulous and I recommend you run out right now and visit a volcano.

This was the point of the trip I figured out that my asthma and high altitude doesn't necessarily mixed.  The walk up the side of the volcano was daunting, but I did make it, I'm very proud of that.  It probably took me twice as long as anyone else, but I did it with my own 2 feet, and barely functional lungs.  The Ice cavern was kindof --- cool.  hehehe! Seriously, the part you can see isn't very big, and you can't really go into it or you destroy the ice.  The science behind it was very interesting!

The rest of the day was mostly driving, and the scenery was so gorgeous! The mountains in the distance , just looking at them was so very peaceful!

Another place we stopped was the Wild Spirits Sanctuary.

boy I get around!  (wolf names)
Not sure which one is "me"
We spent the night of the 7th in Tusayan, AZ which is just outside Grand Canyon National Park - which is next blog.

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